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2017Cognitive control during a spatial Stroop task: Comparing conflict monitoring and prediction of response-outcome theoriesPires, Luís ; Leitão, José ; Guerrini, Chiara ; Simões, Mário Rodrigues articleembargoedAccess
2014Envelhecimento cognitivo e funções executivas: o papel particular da inibiçãoPires, Luís ; Leitão, José ; Simões, Mário Rodrigues ; Guerrini, Chiara articleopenAccess
2014Event-Related Brain Potentials in the Study of Inhibition: Cognitive Control, Source Localization and Age-Related ModulationsPires, Luís ; Leitão, José ; Guerrini, Chiara ; Simões, Mário Rodrigues articleopenAccess
2016As funções executivas e envelhecimento [Executive functions and ageing]Pires, Luís ; Simões, Mário Rodrigues ; Leitão, José ; Guerrini, Chiara bookPartopenAccess