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30-Sep-2018Diabetes mellitus and prostate cancer metabolism: Is there a relationship?Antunes, Hugo Pontes; Teixo, Ricardo ; Carvalho, João André ; Eliseu, Miguel ; Marques, Inês ; Mamede, Ana ; Neves, Rita ; Oliveira, Rui; Silva, Edgar Tavares da ; Parada, Belmiro ; Abrantes, Ana M. ; Figueiredo, Arnaldo ; Botelho, Maria Filomena articleopenAccess
2017The G-force awakens: The influence of gravity in bone heat-induced warping and its implications for the estimation of the pre-burning condition of human remainsVassalo, Ana ; Mamede, Ana ; Ferreira, Maria Teresa ; Cunha, Eugénia ; Gonçalves, David articleembargoedAccess