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2007H5EPTPACH2OH: Synthesis, Relaxometric Characterization and 1H NMR Spectroscopic Studies on the Solution Dynamics of Its LnIII ComplexesTorres, Susana ; Martins, José A. ; André, João P. ; Pereira, Giovannia A. ; Kiraly, Robert ; Brücher, Ernö ; Helm, Lothar ; Tóth, Éva ; Geraldes, CarlarticleopenAccess
19-Jul-2007NMR Transversal Relaxivity of Suspensions of Lanthanide Oxide NanoparticlesNorek, Małgorzata ; Pereira, Giovannia A. ; Geraldes, Carlos F. G. C. ; Denkova, Antonia ; Zhou, Wuzong ; Peters, Joop A. articleopenAccess