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2013Assessment of the Geographic Origins of Pinewood Nematode Isolates via Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in Effector GenesFigueiredo, Joana ; Simões, Maria José ; Gomes, Paula ; Barroso, Cristina ; Pinho, Diogo ; Conceição, I. L. P. M. da ; Fonseca, Luís ; Abrantes, I. M. O. ; Pinheiro, Miguel ; Egas, Conceição articleopenAccess
Sep-2019High-quality draft genome sequence of Gaiella occulta isolated from a 150 meter deep mineral water borehole and comparison with the genome sequences of other deep-branching lineages of the phylum ActinobacteriaSeverino, Rita; Froufe, Hugo J.C.; Barroso, Cristina ; Albuquerque, Luciana ; Lobo-da-Cunha, Alexandre ; Costa, Milton S. da ; Egas, Conceição articleopenAccess
27-Apr-2023The Gut Microbiome Responds Progressively to Fat and/or Sugar-Rich Diets and Is Differentially Modified by Dietary Fat and SugarPessoa, João ; Belew, Getachew D. ; Barroso, Cristina ; Egas, Conceição ; Jones, John G. articleopenAccess