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2017GSK3β and VDAC Involvement in ER Stress and Apoptosis Modulation during Orthotopic Liver TransplantationZaouali, Mohamed ; Panisello, Arnau ; Lopez, Alexandre ; Castro, Carlos ; Folch, Emma ; Carbonell, Teresa ; Rolo, Anabela ; Palmeira, Carlos ; Garcia-Gil, Agustin ; Adam, René ; Roselló-Catafau, Joan articleopenAccess
2015PPARα Agonist WY-14643 Induces SIRT1 Activity in Rat Fatty Liver Ischemia-Reperfusion InjuryPantazi, Eirini; Folch-Puy, Emma; Bejaoui, Mohamed; Panisello, Arnau ; Varela, Ana Teresa ; Rolo, Anabela Pinto ; Palmeira, Carlos M. ; Roselló-Catafau, Joan articleopenAccess