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1998Collective modes and current-algebraic sum rules in nuclear mediumBroniowski, Wojciech ; Hiller, Brigitte articleopenAccess
2007Event-by-event fluctuations of transverse momentum and multiparticle clusters in relativistic heavy-ion collisionsFlorkowski, W.; Broniowski, W. ; Hiller, B. ; Bozek, P.articleopenAccess
2006Event-by-event pT fluctuations and multiparticle clusters in relativistic heavy-ion collisionsBroniowski, Wojciech ; Hiller, Brigitte ; Florkowski, Wojciech ; Bozek, Piotr articleopenAccess
24-Feb-2014Nonuniform phases in a three-flavor Nambu–Jona-Lasinio modelMoreira, J. ; Hiller, B. ; Broniowski, W. ; Osipov, A. A. ; Blin, A. H. articleopenAccess