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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
20171D modelling of membrane-assisted chemical looping reformingMorgado, Joana Francisco ; Cloete, Schalk; Morud, John; Gurker, Thomas; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa M. ; Amini, ShahriararticleopenAccess
200157Fe Mössbauer Studies in Mo–Fe Supported CatalystsCastelão-Dias, M. ; Costa, B. ; Quinta-Ferreira, R. articleopenAccess
2020Action of bioactive compounds in cellular oxidative responsePessoa, A. ; Miranda, C. F. ; Batista, M. ; Bosio, M. ; Marques, G.; Nunes, F. ; Quinta-Ferreira, R. M. ; Quinta-Ferreira, M. E. articleopenAccess
27-Feb-2017Activated Sludge and Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor technologies: an experimental comparison for dairy wastewater treatmentDias, Rui Alexandre Boavida Afonso de Freitas masterThesisembargoedAccess
25-Sep-2015Advanced biological wastewater treatment - MBBR process for dairy effluentsSantos, Andreia Patrícia Duarte masterThesisembargoedAccess
2020Advanced oxidation processes for recalcitrant compounds removal comparison with biofiltration by Corbicula flumineaGomes, João ; Domingues, Eva ; Gmurek, Marta ; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa M. ; Martins, Rui C. articleopenAccess
26-Sep-2011Air Pollution Control in Municipal Solid Waste IncineratorsQuina, Margarida J. ; Bordado, João C. M. ; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa bookPartopenAccess
28-Sep-2018Analysis of the impact of mushroom compounds on neuronal ROS productionMiranda, Carla Marina FernandesmasterThesisembargoedAccess
23-Sep-2014Análise do impacto de compostos poluentes na actividade neuronalLopes, Sandra Carina Alves masterThesisembargoedAccess
10-Dec-2020Autofluorescence and ROS signals evoked by hypoxia, KCl and TEABatista, Marta Isabel GomesmasterThesisembargoedAccess
2022A biochemical methane potential of pig slurrySantos, Andreia D. ; Silva, João R.; Castro, Luís M. ; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa M. articleopenAccess
2004Catalysts based in cerium oxide for wet oxidation of acrylic acid in the prevention of environmental risksSilva, Adrián M. T. ; Marques, Rita R. N. ; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa M. articleopenAccess
2013Catalytic activity of low cost materials for pollutants abatement by Fenton's processMartins, Rui C. ; Henriques, Lucy R. ; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa M. articleopenAccess
15-Oct-2003Catalytic and Noncatalytic Wet Oxidation of Formaldehyde. A Novel Kinetic ModelSilva, Adrián M. T. ; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa M. ; Levec, Janez articleopenAccess
2019Catalytic Efficiency of Red Mud for the Degradation of Olive Mill Wastewater through Heterogeneous Fenton’s ProcessDomingues, Eva ; Assunção, Nelson ; Gomes, João ; Lopes, Daniela V. ; Frade, Jorge R.; Quina, Margarida J. ; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa M. ; Martins, Rui C. articleopenAccess
25-Jul-2009Catalytic ozonation of phenolic acids over a Mn-Ce-O catalystMartins, Rui C. ; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa M. articleopenAccess
18-Nov-2009Catalytic studies and trickle-bed reactor behaviour for wet oxidation of phenolic wastewaters : CFD and experimental analysisLopes, Rodrigo José Góis doctoralThesisopenAccess
2003Catalytic studies in wet oxidation of effluents from formaldehyde industrySilva, Adrián M. T. ; Castelo-Branco, Isabel M. ; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa M. ; Levec, Janez articleopenAccess
2009CFD modelling of multiphase flow distribution in trickle bedsLopes, Rodrigo J.G. ; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa M. articleopenAccess
2008Characterization of air pollution control residues produced in a municipal solid waste incinerator in PortugalQuina, Margarida J. ; Santos, Regina C. ; Bordado, João C. ; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa M. articleopenAccess