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2020Aluminum-to-Steel Cladding by Explosive WeldingCarvalho, Gustavo H. S. F. L. ; Galvão, Ivan ; Mendes, Ricardo ; Leal, Rui M. ; Loureiro, Altino articleopenAccess
2020Impact Welding of MaterialsGalvão, Ivan ; Loureiro, Altino ; Mendes, Ricardo articleopenAccess
20-Sep-2016Impairment-aware minimization of the number of regenerators in optical transport networksMendes, Ricardo da Silva Carvalho masterThesisembargoedAccess
2017Privacy-Preserving Data Mining: Methods, Metrics, and ApplicationsMendes, Ricardo ; Vilela, João P. articleopenAccess
1-Aug-2019Regeneration and grooming in MPLS over WDM networksNogueira, Bruna ; Mendes, Ricardo ; Martins, Lúcia ; Gomes, Teresa ; Girão-Silva, Rita ; Santos, João; Cinkler, TiborarticleembargoedAccess
2021A survey of privacy-preserving mechanisms for heterogeneous data typesCunha, Mariana; Mendes, Ricardo ; Vilela, João P. articleopenAccess