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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
20102.5D BEM modeling of underwater sound scattering in the presence of a slippage interface separating two flat layered regionsPereira, A. ; Tadeu, A. ; Godinho, L. ; Santiago J.A.F, J.A.F. articleopenAccess
20052.5D scattering of waves by rigid inclusions buried under a fluid channel via BEMAntónio, Julieta ; Tadeu, António ; Godinho, Luís articleopenAccess
20013-D wave propagation in fluid-filled irregular boreholes in elastic formationsTadeu, António J. B. ; Santos, Paulo F. A. articleopenAccess
20013D acoustic scattering from an irregular fluid waveguide via the BEMGodinho, L. ; Tadeu, A. ; Branco, F. articleopenAccess
20063D elastic wave propagation modelling in the presence of 2D fluid-filled thin inclusionsTadeu, António ; Mendes, Paulo Amado ; António, Julieta articleopenAccess
20013D scattering by multiple cylindrical cavities buried in an elastic formationAntónio, Julieta ; Tadeu, António articleopenAccess
20023D scattering of waves by a cylindrical irregular cavity of infinite length in a homogeneous elastic mediumTadeu, António J. B. ; António, Julieta M. P. ; Kausel, Eduardo articleopenAccess
20023D seismic response of a limited valley via BEM using 2.5D analytical Green's functions for an infinite free-rigid layerAntónio, Julieta ; Tadeu, António articleopenAccess
20013D sound scattering by rigid barriers in the vicinity of tall buildingsGodinho, L. ; António, J. ; Tadeu, A. articleopenAccess
2002Acoustic insulation of single panel walls provided by analytical expressions versus the mass law.Tadeu, A. ; António, J. M. P. articleopenAccess
2004Acoustic insulation provided by circular and infinite plane wallsAntónio, Julieta ; Godinho, Luís ; Tadeu, António articleopenAccess
2001Amplification of elastic waves due to a point source in the presence of complex surface topographyTadeu, António ; Santos, Paulo ; António, Julieta articleopenAccess
2007Analysis of airborne sound insulation and impact sound pressure level provided by a single partition containing a heterogeneityPereira, A. ; Tadeu, A. articleopenAccess
2003Analytical evaluation of the acoustic insulation provided by double infinite wallsAntónio, J. M. P. ; Tadeu, A. ; Godinho, L. articleopenAccess
29-Oct-2014Análise de rentabilidade económica de sistemas solares térmicos e biomassa em edifícios resisdenciais existentesRaposo, Ana Rita Simões masterThesisopenAccess
10-Apr-2014Apoio à Decisão em Acções de Regeneração UrbanaJesus, Eduardo Manuel Ferreira Almeida da Natividade de doctoralThesisopenAccess
3-Nov-2013Application of 3D heat diffusion to detect embedded 3D empty cracksSerra, C. ; Tadeu, A. ; Prata, J. ; Simões, N. articleopenAccess
2001Applications of the Green Functions in the Study of Acoustic Problems in Open and Closed Spaces.Tadeu, A. ; António, J. ; Godinho, L. articleopenAccess
3-Sep-2013Argamassas de cal hidráulica natural com incorporação de resíduos de mosaico de barro vermelhoRaimundo, Ana Margarida Moreira masterThesisopenAccess