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Title: Chemotaxonomic study on Thymus villosus from Portugal
Authors: Salgueiro, Lígia R. 
Vila, Roser 
Tomàs, Xavier 
Cañigueral, Salvador 
Paiva, Jorge 
Cunha, António Proença da 
Adzet, Tomàs 
Keywords: Thymus villosus subsp. lusitanicus; Thymus villosus subsp. villosus; Lamiaceae; Essential oils; Infraspecific variability; Chemotaxonomy; Multivariate analysis
Issue Date: 2000
Citation: Biochemical Systematics and Ecology. 28:5 (2000) 471-482
Abstract: The composition of the essential oils of four populations of Thymus villosus subsp. lusitanicus (Boiss.) Coutinho from Portugal was investigated by GC and GC-MS. To study the chemical polymorphism the results obtained from GC analyses of the volatile oils from individual plants from four populations were submited to Principal Component and Cluster analyses. A comparision with the essential oil of T. villosus subsp. villosus, previously studied by us was done. Important differences with regard to the major constituents in these two taxa were found. Linalool, geranyl acetate, geraniol and terpinen-4-ol were the main components of the essential oils of T. villosus subsp. lusitanicus, whereas in the oil of T. villosus subsp. villosus p-cymene, myrcene and [alpha]-terpineol were the major ones. Although, both taxa showed chemical polymorphism, different types of essential oils were characterized in each one: linalool; linalool/ terpinen-4-ol/trans-sabinene hydrate; linalool/1,8-cineole; geranyl acetate/geraniol; geranyl acetate/geraniol/1,8-cineole in T. villosus subsp. lusitanicus and p-cymene/camphor/linalool; p-cymene/borneol; linalool/geraniol/geranyl acetate; [alpha]-terpineol/camphor/myrcene in T. villosus subsp. villosus. Thus, the two subspecies of T. villosus can be easely differenciated by the composition of their essential oils.
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