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Title: Analysis of the distribution of endemic and rare arthropods in high endemism areas of Algarve-South Portugal
Authors: Gama, Maria Manuela da 
Sousa, José Paulo 
Ferreira, Cristina Seabra 
Barrocas, Helena Maria 
Keywords: Biodiversity conservation; soil arthropods; high endemism areas; endemic species; Algarve; South Portugal
Issue Date: 2000
Citation: Pedobiologia. 44:3-4 (2000) 386-401
Abstract: The study of several arthropod groups in high endemism areas (HEA) of Algarve, the Southernmost province of Portugal, has revealed endemic species and species not yet recorded for the Portuguese fauna. The list includes 3 species of Isopoda endemic to Algarve, to Portugal or to the Iberian Peninsula, 2 species new to Portugal and 2 species new to the Iberian Peninsula; 2 species of Pseudoscorpiones not yet cited to Portugal; 11 species of Pauropoda new to Portugal, including one new species probably endemic; 15 species of Collembola endemic to the Portuguese or to the Iberian Peninsula faunas (Gama et al. 1997) and 37 species and 5 subspecies of Staphylinidae endemic to Algarve.
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