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Philippaerts, Renaat
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12011Cross-Validation and Reliability of the Line-Drill Test of Anaerobic Performance in Basketball Players 14-16 YearsCarvalho, Humberto M. ; Silva, Manuel J. Coelho e ; Figueiredo, António J. ; Gonçalves, Carlos E. ; Castagna, Carlo; Philippaerts, Renaat M. ; Malina, Robert M. articleopenAccess
22010Growth, maturation, functional capacities and sport-specific skills in 12-13 year-old-basketball playersSilva, M. J. Coelho e ; Carvalho, H. Moreira ; Gonçalves, C. E. ; Figueiredo, A. J. ; Elferink-Gemser, M. T. ; Philippaerts, R. M. ; Malina, R. M. articleopenAccess
3May-2011Predictors of maximal short-term power outputs in basketball players 14-16 yearsCarvalho, Humberto M. ; Silva, Manuel J. Coelho E. ; Figueiredo, António J. ; Gonçalves, Carlos E. ; Philippaerts, Renaat M. ; Castagna, Carlo; Malina, Robert M. articleopenAccess
415-Dec-2011Short-Term Maximal Effort and Isokinetic Strength in Youth Basketball: Scaling the Effects of Age, Maturation and Body SizeCarvalho, Humberto Jorge Gonçalves Moreira de doctoralThesisopenAccess