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Sebastião, Helder
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12018Information Transmission Between Cryptocurrencies: Does Bitcoin Rule the Cryptocurrency World?Bação, Pedro ; Duarte, António Portugal ; Sebastião, Helder ; Redzepagic, Srdjan articleopenAccess
22018On the Gains of Using High Frequency Data in Portfolio SelectionBrito, Rui Pedro ; Sebastião, Helder ; Godinho, Pedro articleopenAccess
3Jun-2018The Iberian electricity market: analysis of the risk premium in an illiquid marketFerreira, Márcio ; Sebastião, Helder articleembargoedAccess
44-May-2017Where is the information on USD/Bitcoin hourly prices?Sebastião, Helder ; Duarte, António Portugal ; Guerreiro, Gabriel articleopenAccess