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Gonçalves, David
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12016A method for sex estimation using the proximal femurCurate, Francisco ; Coelho, João ; Gonçalves, David ; Coelho, Catarina ; Ferreira, Maria Teresa ; Navega, David ; Cunha, Eugénia articleopenAccess
22016Evidence of contact between New and Old World: paleoparasitological and food remains study in the Tagus river population of Sarilhos Grandes (Montijo, Portugal)Sianto, Luciana ; de Miranda Chaves, Sérgio Augusto ; Teixeira-Santos, Isabel ; Pereira, Paula Alves ; Godinho, Ricardo Miguel ; Gonçalves, David ; Santos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
32016The circles of life: age at death estimation in burnt teeth through tooth cementum annulationsOliveira-Santos, Inês ; Gouveia, Márcia ; Cunha, Eugénia ; Gonçalves, David articleopenAccess