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Montesinos, D
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Feb-2012Genders in Juniperus thurifera have different functional responses to variations in nutrient availabilityMontesinos, D ; Villar, P ; García-Fayos, P ; Verdú, M articleopenAccess
22012Invasive acacias experience higher ant seed removal rates at the invasion edgesMontesinos, D ; Castro, S ; Rodríguez-Echeverría, S articleopenAccess
32015Plant–plant interactions: from competition to facilitationMontesinos, D articleopenAccess
42010Relictual distribution reaches the top: Elevation constrains fertility and leaf longevity in Juniperus thuriferaMontesinos, D ; García-Fayos, P ; Verdú, M articleopenAccess
52015Reproductive ecology of buzz-pollinated <i>Ouratea spectabilis</i> trees (Ochnaceae) in Brazilian CerradosMontesinos, D ; Oliveira, P articleopenAccess
6Oct-2006When, how and how much: Gender-specific resource-use strategies in the dioecious tree Juniperus thuriferaMontesinos, D ; de Luís, M ; Verdú, M ; Raventós, J ; García-Fayos, P articleopenAccess