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Malina, Robert Marion
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
14-Dec-2014Body size, composition, cardiac morphology and functional capacities : scaling and modelling developmental changes during the pubertal yearsSantos, João Alberto Valente dos doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
21-Jul-2009Characteristics of youth soccer players who drop out, persist or move upFigueiredo, António J. ; Gonçalves, Carlos E. ; Silva, Manuel J. Coelho e ; Malina, Robert M. articleopenAccess
32011Cross-Validation and Reliability of the Line-Drill Test of Anaerobic Performance in Basketball Players 14-16 YearsCarvalho, Humberto M. ; Silva, Manuel J. Coelho e ; Figueiredo, António J. ; Gonçalves, Carlos E. ; Castagna, Carlo; Philippaerts, Renaat M. ; Malina, Robert M. articleopenAccess
42010Growth, maturation, functional capacities and sport-specific skills in 12-13 year-old-basketball playersSilva, M. J. Coelho e ; Carvalho, H. Moreira ; Gonçalves, C. E. ; Figueiredo, A. J. ; Elferink-Gemser, M. T. ; Philippaerts, R. M. ; Malina, R. M. articleopenAccess
514-Feb-2019Isokinetic knee joint muscles strengthDuarte, João Pedro Marques doctoralThesisopenAccess
62012Longitudinal Predictors of Aerobic Performance in Adolescent Soccer PlayersValente-dos-Santos, João ; Silva, Manuel J. Coelho e ; Duarte, João ; Figueiredo, António; Liparotti, João; Sherar, Lauren ; Elferink-Gemser, Marije T. ; Malina, Robert Marion articleopenAccess
72014Metabolic risk and television time in adolescent femalesMachado-Rodrigues, Aristides M. ; Leite, Neiva ; Coelho-e-Silva, Manuel J. ; Enes, Fernando ; Fernandes, Rômulo ; Mascarenhas, Luís P. G. ; Boguszewski, Margaret C. S. ; Malina, Robert M. articleopenAccess
815-Feb-2002Morfologia e estilo de vida na adolescência : um estudo em adolescentes escolares do distrito de CoimbraSilva, Manuel João Cerdeira Coelho e doctoralThesisclosedAccess
922-Jan-2008Morfologia, crescimento pubertário e preparação desportiva : estudo em jovens futebolistas dos 11 aos 15 anosFigueiredo, António José Barata doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
102013Nutritional status, biological maturation and cardiorespiratory fitness in Azorean youth aged 11–15 yearsCoelho-e-Silva, Manuel J ; Vaz Ronque, Enio R ; Cyrino, Edilson S ; Fernandes, Rômulo A ; Valente-dos-Santos, João ; Machado-Rodrigues, Aristides ; Martins, Raul ; Figueiredo, António J ; Santos, Rute ; Malina, Robert M. articleopenAccess
112014Prediction Equation for Lower Limbs Lean Soft Tissue in Circumpubertal Boys Using Anthropometry and Biological MaturationValente-dos-Santos, João ; Coelho-e-Silva, Manuel J. ; Machado-Rodrigues, Aristides M. ; Elferink-Gemser, Marije T. ; Malina, Robert M. ; Petroski, Édio L. ; Minderico, Cláudia S. ; Silva, Analiza M. ; Baptista, Fátima ; Sardinha, Luís B. articleopenAccess
12May-2011Predictors of maximal short-term power outputs in basketball players 14-16 yearsCarvalho, Humberto M. ; Silva, Manuel J. Coelho E. ; Figueiredo, António J. ; Gonçalves, Carlos E. ; Philippaerts, Renaat M. ; Castagna, Carlo; Malina, Robert M. articleopenAccess
132015Relationship between Metabolic Syndrome and Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity in YouthMachado-Rodrigues, Aristides M. ; Leite, Neiva ; Silva, Manuel J. Coelho e ; Valente-dos-Santos, João ; Martins, Raul A. ; Mascarenhas, Luís P. G. ; Boguszewski, Margaret C. S. ; Padez, Cristina ; Malina, Robert M. articleopenAccess
142014Reproducibility of peak power output during a 10-s cycling maximal effort using different sampling ratesDuarte, J. P. ; Coelho-e-Silva, Manuel ; Severino, V. ; Martinho, D. ; Luz, L. ; Pereira, J. R. ; Baptista, R. ; Valente-dos-Santos, J. ; Machado-Rodrigues, A. M. ; Vaz, V. ; Cupido-dos-Santos, A. ; Martín-Hernández, J. ; Cumming, S. P. ; Malina, R. M. articleopenAccess
152012Urban-rural contrasts in fitness, physical activity, and sedentary behaviour in adolescentsMachado-Rodrigues, A. M. ; Coelho-e-Silva, M. J. ; Mota, J. ; Padez, C. ; Martins, R. A. ; Cumming, S. P. ; Riddoch, C. ; Malina, R. M. articleopenAccess
162016Waist Circumference and Objectively Measured Sedentary Behavior in Rural School AdolescentsMachado-Rodrigues, Aristides M. ; Coelho e Silva, Manuel J. ; Ribeiro, Luís P. ; Fernandes, Romulo ; Mota, Jorge ; Malina, Robert M. articleopenAccess
171-Jan-2009Youth soccer players, 11-14 years: Maturity, size, function, skill and goal orientationFigueiredo, António J. ; Gonçalves, Carlos E. ; Silva, Manuel J. Coelho e ; Malina, Robert M. articleopenAccess