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Cunha, R. A.
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12002Adenosine A2A receptor facilitation of hippocampal synaptic transmission is dependent on tonic A1 receptor inhibitionLopes, L. V. ; Cunha, R. A. ; Kull, B. ; Fredholm, B. B. ; Ribeiro, J. A. articleopenAccess
22005Adenosine A2A receptors and metabotropic glutamate 5 receptors are co-localized and functionally interact in the hippocampus: a possible key mechanism in the modulation of N-methyl-d-aspartate effectsTebano, M. T. ; Martire, A. ; Rebola, N. ; Pepponi, R. ; Domenici, M. R. ; Grò, M. C. ; Schwarzschild, M. A. ; Chen, J. F. ; Cunha, R. A. ; Popoli, P. articleopenAccess
32007Anandamide and NADA bi-directionally modulate presynaptic Ca<sup>2+</sup> levels and transmitter release in the hippocampusKöfalvi, A. ; Pereira, M. F. ; Rebola, N. ; Rodrigues, R. J. ; Oliveira, C. R. ; Cunha, R. A. articleopenAccess
423-Jul-2013Exercise attenuates levodopa-induced dyskinesia in 6-hydroxydopamine-lesioned miceJr., A. S. Aguiar ; Moreira, E. L. G. ; Hoeller, A. A. ; Oliveira, P. A. ; Córdova, F. M. ; Glaser, V. ; Walz, R. ; Cunha, R. A. ; Leal, R. B. ; Latini, A. ; Prediger, R. D. S. articleopenAccess
52014Presynaptic A2A adenosine receptors dampen CB1 cannabinoid receptor-mediated inhibition of corticostriatal glutamatergic transmissionFerreira, S. G. ; Gonçalves, F. Q. ; Marques, J. M. ; Tomé, Â. R. ; Rodrigues, R. J. ; Nunes-Correia, I. ; Ledent, C. ; Harkany, T. ; Venance, L. ; Cunha, R. A. ; Köfalvi, A. articleembargoedAccess
62003Purinergic P2 receptors trigger adenosine release leading to adenosine A2A receptor activation and facilitation of long-term potentiation in rat hippocampal slicesAlmeida, T. ; Rodrigues, R. J. ; Mendonça, A. de ; Ribeiro, J. A. ; Cunha, R. A. articleopenAccess
72005Recovery of hippocampal metabolism from hypoxia - role of the adenosine A1 receptorDuarte, J. M. ; Cunha, R. A. ; Carvalho, R. A. conferenceObjectopenAccess
82001Regulation of the Ecto-Nucleotidase Pathway in Rat Hippocampal Nerve TerminalsCunha, R. A. articleopenAccess
910-Oct-2013Spatial memory impairments in a prediabetic rat modelSoares, E. ; Prediger, R. D. ; Nunes, S. ; Castro, A. A. ; Viana, S .D. ; Lemos, C. ; Souza, C. M. De ; Agostinho, P. ; Cunha, R. A. ; Carvalho, E. ; Ribeiro, C. A. Fontes ; Reis, F. ; Pereira, F. C. articleopenAccess