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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12015Ancoragem – um programa de psicoeducação para familiares de doentes com esquizofreniaCabral, Joana ; Moura Bulhões, Marta ; Pereira, Vanessa Micaela da Ponte ; Motta, Carolina ; Nunes Caldeira, Suzana ; Barreto Carvalho, Célia articleopenAccess
22016Attitudes towards mental health problems scale: Confirmatory factor analysis and validation in the Portuguese populationCabral, Joana ; Carvalho, Célia Barreto ; Motta, Carolina ; Sousa, Marina ; Gilbert, Paul articleopenAccess
32015Characterization and Predictors of Community Integration of People with Psychiatric Problems: Comparisons with the General PopulationCabral, Joana ; Barreto Carvalho, Célia ; Motta, Carolina ; Sousa, Marina articleopenAccess
42015Characterization and Predictors of Paranoid Ideation in YouthsSousa, Marina ; Barreto Carvalho, Célia ; Motta, Carolina ; Cabral, Joana ; Pereira, Vera ; Nunes Caldeira, Suzana ; Peixoto, Ermelindo articleopenAccess
52015Development and Validation of the Response to Stressful Situations Scale in the General PopulationBarreto Carvalho, Célia ; Motta, Carolina ; Sousa, Marina ; Cabral, Joana ; Carvalho, Ana Luisa ; Peixoto, Ermelindo articleopenAccess
62015Hallucinatory Activity in Schizophrenia : The Relationship with Childhood Memories, Submissive Behavior, Social Comparison, and DepressionBarreto Carvalho, Célia ; Motta, Carolina ; Pinto-Gouveia, José ; Peixoto, Ermelindo articleopenAccess
72015Is the offence the best defense? Influences of childhood experiences and paranoia in the aggression in Azorean youthsMotta, Carolina ; Cabral, Joana ; Nunes Caldeira, Suzana ; Barreto Carvalho, Célia articleopenAccess
82014Paranoia as a continuum in the populationBarreto Carvalho, Célia ; Pinto-Gouveia, José ; Peixoto, Ermelindo ; Motta, Carolina articleopenAccess
92014Paranoia in the General Population: a revised version of the General Paranoia Scale for adolescentsBarreto Carvalho, Célia ; Pereira, Vanessa ; Sousa, Marina ; Motta, Carolina ; Pinto-Gouveia, José articleopenAccess