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Bos, Sandra Carvalho
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Bos, Sandra Maria Rodrigues de Carvalho
Bos, S.
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Date Issued:  [2000 TO 2009]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
130-Apr-2009The BDI-II factor structure in pregnancy and postpartum: Two or three factors?Carvalho Bos, Sandra ; Pereira, Ana Telma ; Marques, Mariana ; Maia, Berta ; Soares, Maria João ; Valente, José ; Gomes, Ana ; Macedo, António ; Azevedo, Maria Helena articleopenAccess
2Aug-2009Perfectionism and sleep disturbanceAzevedo, Maria Helena Pinto de ; Soares, Maria João ; Bos, Sandra Carvalho ; Gomes, Ana Allen ; Maia, Berta ; Marques, Mariana ; Pereira, Ana Telma ; Macedo, António articleopenAccess
32008The Portuguese short form of the Eating Attitudes Test-40Pereira, Ana Telma ; Maia, Berta ; Bos, Sandra ; Soares, Maria João ; Marques, Mariana ; Macedo, António ; Azevedo, Maria Helena articleopenAccess
41-Jun-2009Postpartum depression screening scale : validação para a população portuguesaPereira, Ana Telma Fernandes doctoralThesisopenAccess