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Gandica, Y.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
116-Mar-2016Nature of phase transitions in Axelrod-like coupled Potts models in two dimensionsGandica, Y. ; Chiacchiera, S. articleopenAccess
227-Mar-2017Stationarity of the inter-event power-law distributionsGandica, Y. ; Carvalho, J. ; Aidos, F. S. ; Lambiotte, R. ; Carletti, T. articleopenAccess
37-Oct-2014The dynamic nature of conflict in WikipediaGandica, Y. ; Aidos, F. S. ; Carvalho, J. articleopenAccess
415-Dec-2013A thermodynamic counterpart of the Axelrod model of social influence: The one-dimensional caseGandica, Y. ; Medina, E. ; Bonalde, I. articleopenAccess
529-Jan-2015Wikipedia editing dynamicsGandica, Y. ; Carvalho, J. ; Aidos, F. S. articleopenAccess