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Lino, Celeste M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12007Determination of fluoroquinolone antibiotics in surface waters from Mondego River by high performance liquid chromatography using a monolithic columnPena, Angelina ; Chmielova, Daniela ; Lino, Celeste M. ; Solich, Petr articleopenAccess
22000Determination of tetracycline and its major degradation products by chemiluminescencePena, Angelina ; Palilis, Leonidas P. ; Lino, Celeste M. ; Silveira, M. Irene ; Calokerinos, Antony C. articleopenAccess
3Nov-2014Occurrence and risk assessment of zearalenone in flours from Portuguese and Dutch marketsAldana, Juan Ramos ; Silva, Liliana J. G. ; Pena, Angelina ; V., Jordi Mañes ; Lino, Celeste M. articleopenAccess
4Dec-2013Risk assessment of additives through soft drinks and nectars consumption on Portuguese population: a 2010 surveyDiogo, Janina S. G. ; Silva, Liliana S. O. ; Pena, Angelina ; Lino, Celeste M. articleopenAccess