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Moreno, António J.
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12009Antioxidant activity of synthetic diarylamines: A mitochondrial and cellular approachPinto-Basto, Diana ; Silva, João P. ; Queiroz, Maria-João R. P. ; Moreno, António J. ; Coutinho, Olga P. articleopenAccess
22001Brain and liver mitochondria isolated from diabeticGoto-Kakizaki rats show different susceptibility to induced oxidative stressSantos, Maria S. ; Santos, Dario L. ; Palmeira, Carlos M. ; Seiça, Raquel ; Moreno, António J. ; Oliveira, Catarina R. articleopenAccess
3Sep-2009Can drug safety be predicted and animal experiments reduced by using isolated mitochondrial fractions?Pereira, Susana P ; Pereira, Gonçalo C ; Moreno, António J ; Oliveira, Paulo J articleopenAccess
42016Cardiac cytochrome c and cardiolipin depletion during anthracycline-induced chronic depression of mitochondrial functionPereira, Gonçalo C ; Pereira, Susana P ; Tavares, Ludgero C ; Carvalho, Filipa S ; Magalhães-Novais, Silvia ; Barbosa, Inês A ; Santos, Maria S ; Bjork, James ; Moreno, António J ; Wallace, Kendall B ; Oliveira, Paulo J articleopenAccess
52004Carvedilol-mediated antioxidant protection against doxorubicin-induced cardiac mitochondrial toxicityOliveira, Paulo J. ; Bjork, James A. ; Santos, Maria S. ; Leino, Richard L. ; Froberg, M. Kent ; Moreno, António J. ; Wallace, Kendall B. articleopenAccess
62003Chenodeoxycholate induction of mitochondrial permeability transition pore is associated with increased membrane fluidity and cytochrome c release: protective role of carvedilolRolo, Anabela P. ; Oliveira, Paulo J. ; Moreno, António J. ; Palmeira, Carlos M. articleopenAccess
72003Diabetes and mitochondrial bioenergetics: Alterations with ageFerreira, Fernanda M. ; Palmeira, Carlos M. ; Seiça, Raquel ; Moreno, António J. ; Santos, Maria S. articleopenAccess
82003Diabetes induces metabolic adaptations in rat liver mitochondria: role of coenzyme Q and cardiolipin contentsFerreira, Fernanda M. ; Seiça, Raquel ; Oliveira, Paulo J. ; Coxito, Pedro M. ; Moreno, António J. ; Palmeira, Carlos M. ; Santos, Maria S. articleopenAccess
9Jan-2011Differential effects of p,p'-DDE on testis and liver mitochondria: implications for reproductive toxicologyMota, Paula C ; Cordeiro, Marília ; Pereira, Susana P ; Oliveira, Paulo J ; Moreno, António J ; Ramalho-Santos, João articleopenAccess
10Sep-2013Dioxin-induced acute cardiac mitochondrial oxidative damage and increased activity of ATP-sensitive potassium channels in Wistar ratsPereira, Susana P ; Pereira, Gonçalo C ; Pereira, Cláudia V ; Carvalho, Filipa S ; Cordeiro, Marília H ; Mota, Paula C ; Ramalho-Santos, João ; Moreno, António J ; Oliveira, Paulo J articleopenAccess
112006Effects of hyperglycemia on sperm and testicular cells of Goto-Kakizaki and streptozotocin-treated rat models for diabetesAmaral, Sandra ; Moreno, António J. ; Santos, Maria Sancha ; Seiça, Raquel ; Ramalho-Santos, João articleopenAccess
121-Jun-2015Effects of moderate global maternal nutrient reduction on fetal baboon renal mitochondrial gene expression at 0.9 gestationPereira, Susana P ; Oliveira, Paulo J ; Tavares, Ludgero C ; Moreno, António J ; Cox, Laura A ; Nathanielsz, Peter W ; Nijland, Mark J articleopenAccess
132006Mitochondrial Bioenergetics, Diabetes, and Aging: Top-Down Analysis Using the Diabetic Goto-Kakizaki (GK) Rat as a ModelFerreira, Fernanda M. ; Moreno, António J. ; Seiça, Raquel ; Santos, Maria S. ; Palmeira, Carlos M. articleopenAccess
142012Mitochondrionopathy phenotype in doxorubicin-treated Wistar rats depends on treatment protocol and is cardiac-specificPereira, Gonçalo C ; Pereira, Susana P ; Pereira, Claudia V ; Lumini, José A ; Magalhães, José ; Ascensão, António ; Santos, Maria S ; Moreno, António J ; Oliveira, Paulo J articleopenAccess
152007Unaltered hepatic oxidative phosphorylation and mitochondrial permeability transition in wistar rats treated with nimesulide: Relevance for nimesulide toxicity characterizationMoreno, António J. ; Oliveira, Paulo J. ; Nova, Carlos D. ; Álvaro, Ana R. ; Moreira, Renata A. ; Santos, Sandra M. D. ; Macedo, Tice articleopenAccess