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Augusto, Mário
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Augusto, Mário António Gomes
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Author:  Augusto, Mário António Gomes

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12008Benchmarking in a multiple criteria performance context: An application and a conceptual frameworkAugusto, Mário ; Lisboa, João ; Yasin, Mahmoud ; Figueira, José Rui articleopenAccess
22018Differentiated Impact of Spread Determinants by Personal Loan Category: Evidence from the Brazilian Banking SectorValente, José ; Augusto, Mário ; Murteira, José workingPaperopenAccess
32018Endogeneity Issues in the Empirical Assessment of the Determinants of Loan RenegotiationValente, José ; Murteira, José ; Augusto, Mário workingPaperopenAccess
41-Sep-2008Market orientation and new-to-the-world products: Exploring the moderating effects of innovativeness, competitive strength, and environmental forcesAugusto, Mário ; Coelho, Filipe articleopenAccess
511-Feb-2020Political Connections and Banking Performance: The Moderating Effect of Gender DiversityProença, Catarina; Augusto, Mário ; Murteira, José workingPaperopenAccess
619-May-2020Political connections and remuneration of bank board's members: Moderating effect of gender diversityProença, Catarina ; Augusto, Mário António Gomes ; Murteira, José Maria Ruas workingPaperopenAccess
72-Jul-2004Política de dividendos e estrutura de capitais : uma abordagem integrada no contexto das empresas da indústria transformadora portuguesaAugusto, Mário António Gomes doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
8Oct-2017Predicting high consumer-brand identification and high repurchase: Necessary and sufficient conditionsTorres, Pedro ; Augusto, Mário ; Godinho, Pedro articleembargoedAccess
92018The Effect of Family Ownership, Control and Management on Corporate Debt Structure – Evidence from Panel Fractional DataAugusto, Mário ; Murteira, José ; Pinto, António Pedro workingPaperopenAccess