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Loureiro, A.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Oct-2013Effect of explosive characteristics on the explosive welding of stainless steel to carbon steel in cylindrical configurationMendes, R. ; Ribeiro, J. B. ; Loureiro, A. articleopenAccess
2Nov-2014Effect of tool geometry on friction stir processing and fatigue strength of MIG T welds on Al alloysJesus, J. S. de ; Loureiro, A. ; Costa, J. M. ; Ferreira, J .M. articleopenAccess
3Oct-2013Fatigue behaviour of AA6082-T6 MIG welded butt joints improved by friction stir processingSilva, J. da ; Costa, J. M. ; Loureiro, A. ; Ferreira, J. M. articleopenAccess
4Nov-2013Influence of aluminium alloy type on dissimilar friction stir lap welding of aluminium to copperGalvão, I. ; Verdera, D. ; Gesto, D. ; Loureiro, A. ; Rodrigues, D. M. articleopenAccess
52004The influence of the HAZ softening on the mechanical behaviour of welded joints containing cracks in the weld metalRodrigues, D. M. ; Menezes, L. F. ; Loureiro, A. articleopenAccess
62012Influence of tool shoulder geometry on properties of friction stir welds in thin copper sheetsGalvão, I. ; Leal, R. M. ; Rodrigues, D. M. ; Loureiro, A. articleopenAccess
72008Material flow in heterogeneous friction stir welding of thin aluminium sheets: Effect of shoulder geometryLeal, R. M. ; Leitão, C. ; Loureiro, A. ; Rodrigues, D. M. ; Vilaça, P. articleopenAccess
81-Sep-2008Mechanical behaviour of similar and dissimilar AA5182-H111 and AA6016-T4 thin friction stir weldsLeitão, C. ; Leal, R. M. ; Rodrigues, D. M. ; Loureiro, A. ; Vilaça, P. articleopenAccess
92004Modelling the effect of HAZ undermatching on the crack-tip stress distribution in idealized weldsRodrigues, D. M. ; Menezes, L. F. ; Loureiro, A. articleopenAccess
10Dec-2014Morphology and strength of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene welds performed by robotic friction stir weldingMendes, N. ; Loureiro, A. ; Martins, C. ; Neto, P. ; Pires, J. N. articleopenAccess
112004Numerical study of the plastic behaviour in tension of welds in high strength steelsRodrigues, D. M. ; Menezes, L. F. ; Loureiro, A. ; Fernandes, J. V. articleopenAccess
1215-Jan-2014The effect of increasing V content on the structure, mechanical properties and oxidation resistance of Ti–Si–V–N films deposited by DC reactive magnetron sputteringFernandes, F. ; Loureiro, A. ; Polcar, T. ; Cavaleiro, A. articleopenAccess