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Alcaire, Rita
UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12017Do we wear fashion or is fashion wearing us out? – international investment, globalisation and human rightsAlcaire, Rita bookPartopenAccess
215-Dec-2021(In)Visible (a)sexuality? Media discourses and representations on asexuality in PortugalAlcaire, Rita articleopenAccess
3May-2023KINDER - Desconstrução de estereótipos desde a infânciaMoura, Tatiana ; Cerdeira, Linda ; Carmo, Milena do ; Ferreira, Patrícia ; Cardoso, Paula; Alcaire, Rita ; Monteiro, Rosa ; Gonçalves, Sofia; Rolino, Tiago; Beliz, VâniabookopenAccess
414-May-2021LGBTQI+ Healthcare (in)Equalities in Portugal: What Can We Learn from Asexuality?Alcaire, Rita articleopenAccess
52022Promoting gender equality and social justice through transmedia storytellingAlcaire, Rita conferenceObjectopenAccess
62015Representações da masturbação na televisão e no cinema mainstreamAlcaire, Rita bookPartopenAccess
7Nov-2021Ser «jovem» cientista social sem perecer na academia-turbilhãoAlcaire, Rita ; Grácio, RitabookPartopenAccess
82015The pathologisation of sexual diversity – a critical scrutiny of the DSMAlcaire, Rita articleopenAccess


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