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Ribeiro, Maria
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12008Analysis of Parkinson disease patients from Portugal for mutations in SNCA, PRKN, PINK1 and LRRK2Brás, José ; Guerreiro, Rita ; Ribeiro, Maria ; Morgadinho, Ana ; Januario, Cristina ; Dias, Margarida ; Calado, Ana ; Semedo, Cristina ; Oliveira, Catarina ; Hardy, John ; Singleton, Andrew articleopenAccess
2Mar-2016Computational modelling of brain statesVaz, Inês Isabel Geraldes masterThesisopenAccess
32010A disease model to understand neural mechanisms of visual perception: neurofibromatosis type-1d'Almeida, Otília da Anunciação Cardoso masterThesisopenAccess
42014Predicting lapses in attention: a study of brain oscillations, neural synchrony and eye measuresPaiva, Joana Isabel Santos masterThesisopenAccess
52015Role of interhemispherical connections in restingstate Functional ConnectivityAlmeida, António Angelo Gouveia Rosa Perez de masterThesisopenAccess
623-Sep-2016The role of long-range neural oscillatory synchrony as a mechanism underlying in perceptual coherenceDuarte, João Valente doctoralThesisopenAccess