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Petronilho, J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12005Explicit inverse of a tridiagonal k-Toeplitz matrixFonseca, C. M. da ; Petronilho, J. articleopenAccess
22001Explicit inverses of some tridiagonal matricesFonseca, C. M. da ; Petronilho, J. articleopenAccess
31-Sep-2008On linearly related sequences of derivatives of orthogonal polynomialsJesus, M. N. de ; Petronilho, J. articleopenAccess
42005On some tridiagonal k-Toeplitz matrices: Algebraic and analytical aspects. ApplicationsÁlvarez-Nodarse, R. ; Petronilho, J. ; Quintero, N. R. articleopenAccess
52004On the Krall-type discrete polynomialsÁlvarez-Nodarse, R. ; Petronilho, J. articleopenAccess
62006On the linear functionals associated to linearly related sequences of orthogonal polynomialsPetronilho, J. articleopenAccess
72008Orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle via a polynomial mapping on the real linePetronilho, J. articleopenAccess
81998WKB Approximation and Krall-Type Orthogonal PolynomialsÁlvarez-Nodarse, R. ; Marcellán, F. ; Petronilho, J. articleopenAccess