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Jesus, Catarina S. H.
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12012Changes in channel trafficking and protein stability caused by LQT2 mutations in the PAS domain of the HERG channelHarley, Carol A.; Jesus, Catarina S. H. ; Carvalho, Ricardo; Brito, Rui M. M. ; Morais-Cabral, João H.articleopenAccess
231-Jan-2014Kinetics and Energetics of Fundamental Events in Peptide and Protein (Un)FoldingJesus, Catarina Sofia Henriques de doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
331-Aug-2016A New Folding Kinetic Mechanism for Human Transthyretin and the Influence of the Amyloidogenic V30M MutationJesus, Catarina S. H. ; Almeida, Zaida L. ; Vaz, Daniela C. ; Faria, Tiago Q. ; Brito, Rui M. M. articleopenAccess
42012The V30M Amyloidogenic Mutation Decreases the Rate of Refolding Kinetics of the Tetrameric Protein TransthyretinJesus, Catarina S. H. ; Vaz, Daniela C. ; Saraiva, Maria J. M.; Brito, Rui M. M. articleopenAccess