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Pascoal, Marta M. B.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12005An algorithm for ranking quickest simple pathsPascoal, Marta M. B. ; Captivo, M. Eugénia V. ; Clímaco, João C. N. articleopenAccess
22003A bicriterion approach for routing problems in multimedia networksClímaco, João C. N. ; Craveirinha, José M. F. ; Pascoal, Marta M. B. articleopenAccess
330-Apr-2009Finding non-dominated bicriteria shortest pairs of disjoint simple pathsClímaco, João C. N. ; Pascoal, Marta M. B. articleopenAccess
42007Internet packet routing: Application of a K-quickest path algorithmClímaco, João C. N. ; Pascoal, Marta M. B. ; Craveirinha, José M. F. ; Captivo, M. Eugénia V. articleopenAccess
52003A new implementation of Yen’s ranking loopless paths algorithmMartins, Ernesto Q. V. ; Pascoal, Marta M. B. articleopenAccess