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Godinho, Luís
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
120052.5D scattering of waves by rigid inclusions buried under a fluid channel via BEMAntónio, Julieta ; Tadeu, António ; Godinho, Luís articleopenAccess
22004Acoustic insulation provided by circular and infinite plane wallsAntónio, Julieta ; Godinho, Luís ; Tadeu, A.António articleopenAccess
32002Sound propagation around rigid barriers laterally confined by tall buildingsGodinho, Luís ; António, Julieta ; Tadeu, António articleopenAccess
42004Study of transient heat conduction in 2.5D domains using the boundary element methodGodinho, Luís ; Tadeu, António ; Simões, Nuno articleopenAccess
52008A three-dimensional acoustics model using the method of fundamental solutionsAntónio, Julieta ; Tadeu, António ; Godinho, Luís articleopenAccess
62002Wave motion between two fluid-filled boreholes in an elastic mediumTadeu, António ; Godinho, Luís ; Santos, Paulo articleopenAccess