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Farkas, Joszef
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12003Minimum cost design of uniaxially compressed plates with welded trapezoidal stiffeners considering a reliability constraintSimões, Luis ; Jarmai, Karoly ; Farkas, Joszef bookPartembargoedAccess
22011Optimização baseada em fiabilidade de placas celulares soldadasSimões, Luis ; Farkas, Joszef ; Jarmai, Karoly articleembargoedAccess
32008Optimization on an orthogonally stiffened plate considering fatigue constraintsSimões, Luis ; Farkas, Joszef ; Jarmai, Karoly bookPartopenAccess
42006Reliability-based optimum design of a welded stringer-stiffened steel cylindrical shell subject to axial compression and bendingSimões, Luis ; Farkas, Joszef ; Jarmay, Karoly articleembargoedAccess
52009Reliability-based Optimum Design of Conical Shells with Equidistant and Non-equidistant StiffenersSimões, Luis ; Farkas, Joszef ; Jarmai, Karoly articleopenAccess
62009Reliabilty-based Optimum Design of Welded Steel Cellular PlatesSimões, Luis ; Farkas, Joszef ; Jarmai, Karoly articleopenAccess