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Abrantes, Isabel
Abrantes, Isabel M. de O.
Abrantes, Isabel M. O.
Abrantes, I.
Abrantes, Isabel
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Isabel Maria Oliveira Abrantes, in 2002, got the “Agregação” in Zoology and, in 1989, the PhD in Animal Ecology from the “Universidade de Coimbra”. Presently, is an invited professor at University of Coimbra and a research integrated member of the NEMATO-lab, Centre of Functional Ecology-Science for People & the Planet (CFE) of this University. At University of Coimbra has lectured at undergraduate level (first, second and third years) and at post-graduate level: MSc (Animal Ecology, Animal Biology, Biology, Ecology, Cellular Biology, Teaching of Biology and Geology in the 3rd cycle of Basic and Secondary Education, European Master in Applied Ecology-EMAE, ERASMUS MUNDUS) and PhD (Biosciences, Teaching Sciences) and several advanced courses. It has supervised/co-supervised MSc/PhD theses, Post-Doctoral students, Short-term trainees of national/international researchers and participated in national and international juries (master/doctorate/access to the category of principal investigator, associate professor, professor). MSc/PhD students supervised (36 in Science Education) received their degrees. Her recent research activities include: 1) Morphoanatomy of plant parasitic nematodes asociated with several plants; 2) Biochemical and molecular characterisation of phytoparasitic nematodes; 3) Plant-nematode interactions; 4) Detection, identification and quantification of the pinewood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus.5) Sustainable strategies for the root-knot nematodes, Meloidogyne spp.; 6) Root-lesion nematodes, Pratylenchus spp., management: development of alternative and innovative methodologies to obtain resistant plants; 7) Selection of genes related with the pathogenicity of the pinewood nematode, B. xylophilus, with potential to be used in the control of this nematode; 8) Identification of proteins, secreted by the pinewood nematode, involved in the migration of the nematodes in the plant tissues and in the interaction with the host plants with different susceptibility to the infection; 9) New ecological strategies for the biocontrol of the insect vector of the B. xylophilus: development of formulations based on phytochemicals. Has coordinated/participated in national/international research projects, organized national/international scientific events and training and dissemination actions. Participated in several national/international scientific events, presenting over 400 oral/poster communications and is author/co-author of more than 250 publications mainly in international/national scientific journals, international/national conference proceedings, books (co-author, co-editor) and book chapters. Has been acting as reviewer of manuscripts, submitted for publication in more than 15 scientific journals, as member of the editorial board and as senior editor. Has received 11 scientific awards, a Special Award of appreciation for supporting the Organization of Nematologists of Tropical America (ONTA) activities and organizing the 43rd annual meeting held, in 2011, in Coimbra, Portugal, and in 2018 received the award “Fellow of the European Society of Nematologists (ESN)” for outstanding contributions to the Science of Nematology, at the 33rd ESN Symposium, Ghent, Belgium.
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1Aug-2020Atividades Práticas em Manuais de Ciências Naturais do 3.º cicloPires, Estefânia ; Gomes, Celeste ; Correia, Gina P.; Pereira, Alcides C.; Abrantes, Isabel articleopenAccess
22022Commercial Potato Cultivars Exhibit Distinct Susceptibility to the Root Lesion Nematode Pratylenchus penetransFigueiredo, Joana ; Vieira, Paulo; Abrantes, Isabel ; Esteves, Ivânia articleopenAccess
3Aug-2020Curso de formação contínua de professores: aulas de campo no ensino das ciênciasCorreia, Gina P. ; Pires, Estefânia ; Abrantes, Isabel articleopenAccess
42022Detection of Tree Decline (Pinus pinaster Aiton) in European Forests Using Sentinel-2 DataMantas, Vasco ; Fonseca, Luís ; Baltazar, Elsa ; Canhoto, Jorge ; Abrantes, Isabel articleopenAccess
52022Differential Impact of the Pinewood Nematode on Pinus Species Under Drought ConditionsEstorninho, Mariana; Chozas, Sergio; Mendes, Angela; Colwell, Filipe; Abrantes, Isabel M. O. ; Fonseca, Luís ; Fernandes, Patrícia; Costa, Catarina; Máguas, Cristina; Correia, Otília; Antunes, CristinaarticleopenAccess
620-Jul-2020Ensino e aprendizagem de Biologia e Geologia: Fotossíntese e Quimiossíntese (10º ano) e Recursos Naturais (8º ano)Silveira, Sandra Pereira Nascimento damasterThesisembargoedAccess
72020Impact of the pinewood nematode on naturally-emitted volatiles and scCO2 extracts from Pinus pinaster branches: a comparison with P. pineaGaspar, M. C. ; Agostinho, B.; Fonseca, L.; Abrantes, I. ; Sousa, H. C. de ; Braga, M. E. M. articleembargoedAccess
811-Nov-2021Meloidogyne graminicola-A Threat to Rice Production: Review Update on Distribution, Biology, Identification, and ManagementRusinque, Leidy ; Maleita, Carla ; Abrantes, Isabel ; Palomares-Rius, Juan E.; Inácio, Maria L.articleopenAccess
923-Mar-2021Pratylenchus penetrans Parasitizing Potato Crops: Morphometric and Genetic Variability of Portuguese IsolatesGil, Diogo ; Cardoso, Joana M. S. ; Abrantes, Isabel M. O. ; Esteves, Ivânia Sofia Grasina articleopenAccess
1025-Sep-2020Se os MINERAIS falassem … fariam ECO(logia) - O ensino de Mineralogia e Ecologia no Ensino Básico e no Ensino Secundário.Gomes, Miguel JorgemasterThesisembargoedAccess
1114-Aug-2021Species-Specific Molecular Detection of the Root Knot Nematode Meloidogyne luciMaleita, Carla ; Cardoso, Joana M. S. ; Rusinque, Leidy ; Esteves, Ivânia ; Abrantes, Isabel articleopenAccess
122022Susceptibility of crop plants to the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne luci, a threat to agricultural productivityMaleita, Carla ; Correia, António ; Abrantes, Isabel ; Esteves, Ivânia articleopenAccess
132021Virulence Biomarkers of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus: A Proteomic ApproachCardoso, Joana M. S. ; Anjo, Sandra I. ; Manadas, Bruno ; Silva, Hugo ; Abrantes, Isabel M. O. ; Nakamura, Katsunori; Fonseca, Luís articleopenAccess