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Rocha, J. M. S.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
11998Effects of additives on the activity of a covalently immobilised lipase in organic mediaRocha, J. M. S. ; Gil, M. H. ; Garcia, F. A. P. articleopenAccess
22006Natural immobilisation of microorganisms for continuous ethanol productionBaptista, C. M. S. G. ; Cóias, J. M. A. ; Oliveira, A. C. M. ; Oliveira, N. M. C. ; Rocha, J. M. S. ; Dempsey, M. J. ; Lannigan, K. C. ; Benson, P. S. articleopenAccess
31998Preparation and characterization of polyethylene based graft copolymers. Applications in the immobilization of enzymesFerreira, L. M. ; Rocha, J. M. S. ; Andrade, M. E. ; Gil, M. H. articleopenAccess
42002Selective extraction of carotenoids from the microalga Dunaliella salina with retention of viabilityHejazi, M. A. ; Lamarliere, C. de ; Rocha, J. M. S. ; Vermuë, M. ; Tramper, J. ; Wijffels, R. H. articleopenAccess