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Queiró, João Filipe
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12009Imbedding conditions for normal matricesQueiró, João Filipe ; Duarte, António Leal articleopenAccess
22015Invariant factors of products over elementary divisor domainsCaldeira, Cristina ; Queiró, João Filipe articleembargoedAccess
32006Preface to the 11th ILAS Conference Proceedings, Coimbra 2004Oliveira, Graciano de ; Queiró, João Filipe ; Shader, Bryan ; Zaballa, Ion articleopenAccess
42014PrefácioQueiró, João Filipe otheropenAccess
52017Sums of orbits of integral matricesCaldeira, Cristina ; Queiró, João Filipe articleembargoedAccess