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Oliveira, Catarina Resende
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12008Association and Expression Study of PRKCH Gene in a French Caucasian Population with Rheumatoid ArthritisTeixeira, Vitor ; Jacq, Laurent ; Moore, Jeoiakim ; Lasbleiz, Sandra ; Hilliquin, Pascal ; Oliveira, Catarina Resende ; Cornelis, François ; Petit-Teixeira, Elisabeth articleopenAccess
22008Brain oxidative stress in a triple-transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer diseaseResende, Rosa ; Moreira, Paula Isabel ; Proença, Teresa ; Deshpande, Atul ; Busciglio, Jorge ; Pereira, Cláudia ; Oliveira, Catarina Resende articleopenAccess
32006Differential cytotoxic responses of PC12 cells chronically exposed to psychostimulants or to hydrogen peroxideCunha-Oliveira, Teresa ; Rego, A. Cristina ; Morgadinho, Maria Teresa ; Macedo, Tice ; Oliveira, Catarina Resende articleopenAccess
42008ER stress is involved in Abeta-induced GSK-3beta activation and tau phosphorylationResende, Rosa ; Ferreiro, Elisabete ; Pereira, Cláudia ; Oliveira, Catarina Resende articleopenAccess
52005G2019S dardarin substitution is a common cause of Parkinson's disease in a Portuguese cohortBrás, José Miguel ; Guerreiro, Rita João ; Ribeiro, Maria Helena ; Januário, Cristina ; Morgadinho, Ana ; Oliveira, Catarina Resende ; Cunha, Luís ; Hardy, John ; Singleton, Andrew articleopenAccess
61999Glutamate-mediated inhibition of oxidative phosphorylation in cultured retinal cellsRego, Ana Cristina ; Sancha Santos, Maria ; Oliveira, Catarina Resende articleopenAccess
72003Involvement of oxidative stress in the enhancement of acetylcholinesterase activity induced by amyloid beta-peptideMelo, Joana Barbosa ; Agostinho, Paula ; Oliveira, Catarina Resende articleopenAccess
81999Mitochondrial function is differentially affected upon oxidative stressCardoso, Sandra Morais ; Pereira, Cláudia ; Oliveira, Catarina Resende articleopenAccess
92001Research on aging in PortugalOliveira, Catarina Resende articleopenAccess
102007Street heroin induces mitochondrial dysfunction and apoptosis in rat cortical neuronsCunha-Oliveira, Teresa ; Rego, A. Cristina ; Garrido, Jorge ; Borges, Fernanda ; Macedo, Tice ; Oliveira, Catarina Resende articleopenAccess