Leonardi, Emanuele

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Leonardi, Emanuele
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12017Basic income. Guest editors' prefaceLeonardi, Emanuele ; Pisani, Giacomo otheropenAccess
218-Sep-2018Bringing Class Analysis Back in: Assessing the Transformation of the Value-Nature Nexus to Strengthen the Connection Between Degrowth and Environmental JusticeLeonardi, Emanuele articleembargoedAccess
32019Capitalism unwrappedLeonardi, Emanuele reviewopenAccess
4Feb-2017Carbon trading dogma: Theoretical assumptions and practical implications of global carbon marketsLeonardi, Emanuele articleopenAccess
55-Apr-2018Climate politics from below: The climate jobs campaign as a social movement response to global climate governanceKenfack, Chrislain EricdoctoralThesisopenAccess
62014Crisi della rappresentanza? : Intervista a Sandro Mezzadra a cura di Emanuele LeonardiMezzadra, Sandro ; Leonardi, Emanuele otheropenAccess
7Sep-2017Exploitation of nature and capitalist world-ecology in neoliberal timesLeonardi, Emanuele ; Pellizzoni, Luigi conferenceObjectopenAccess
82016EXPO 2015 as a Laboratory for Neoliberalization. Great Exhibitions, Urban Value Dispossession and New Labor RelationsLeonardi, Emanuele ; Secchi, Michelangelo articleopenAccess
92017For a Critique of Neoliberal Green Economy: A Foucauldian Perspective on Ecological Crisis and BiomimicryLeonardi, Emanuele articleopenAccess
102019Lien valeur-nature dans la pensée d'André GorzLeonardi, Emanuele articleopenAccess
11Sep-2017Logics of exploitation: subsumption and imprintingChicchi, Federico ; Leonardi, Emanuele ; Lucarelli, Stefano conferenceObjectopenAccess
1218-May-2020Participatory Production of Urban Space. Urban participatory democracy and social production of space in the case of the European participatory budgeting.Secchi, Michelangelo doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
132019Vedere l’Antropocene, immaginare futuri. Note per un pensiero critico della crisi ecologicaDal Gobbo, Alice; Leonardi, Emanuele articleopenAccess
142016Working-class communities and ecology: reframing environmental justice around the Ilva steel plant in Taranto, Apulia (Italy)Barca, Stefania ; Leonardi, Emanuele bookPartopenAccess