Leonardi, Emanuele

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Leonardi, Emanuele
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12017Basic income. Guest editors' prefaceLeonardi, Emanuele ; Pisani, Giacomo otheropenAccess
218-Sep-2018Bringing Class Analysis Back in: Assessing the Transformation of the Value-Nature Nexus to Strengthen the Connection Between Degrowth and Environmental JusticeLeonardi, Emanuele articleembargoedAccess
32019Capitalism unwrappedLeonardi, Emanuele reviewopenAccess
4Feb-2017Carbon trading dogma: Theoretical assumptions and practical implications of global carbon marketsLeonardi, Emanuele articleopenAccess
52014Crisi della rappresentanza? : Intervista a Sandro Mezzadra a cura di Emanuele LeonardiMezzadra, Sandro ; Leonardi, Emanuele otheropenAccess
6Sep-2017Exploitation of nature and capitalist world-ecology in neoliberal timesLeonardi, Emanuele ; Pellizzoni, Luigi conferenceObjectopenAccess
72016EXPO 2015 as a Laboratory for Neoliberalization. Great Exhibitions, Urban Value Dispossession and New Labor RelationsLeonardi, Emanuele ; Secchi, Michelangelo articleopenAccess
82017For a Critique of Neoliberal Green Economy: A Foucauldian Perspective on Ecological Crisis and BiomimicryLeonardi, Emanuele articleopenAccess
92019Lien valeur-nature dans la pensée d'André GorzLeonardi, Emanuele articleopenAccess
10Sep-2017Logics of exploitation: subsumption and imprintingChicchi, Federico ; Leonardi, Emanuele ; Lucarelli, Stefano conferenceObjectopenAccess
112019Vedere l’Antropocene, immaginare futuri. Note per un pensiero critico della crisi ecologicaDal Gobbo, Alice; Leonardi, Emanuele articleopenAccess
122016Working-class communities and ecology: reframing environmental justice around the Ilva steel plant in Taranto, Apulia (Italy)Barca, Stefania ; Leonardi, Emanuele bookPartopenAccess