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Empadinhas, Nuno
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12013Biosynthesis of rare methylglucose lipopolysaccharides in rapidly-growing mycobacteria : characterization of a key hydrolaseCosta, Maria Mafalda Santos masterThesisopenAccess
2Sep-2006Diversity and biosynthesis of compatible solutes in hyper/thermophilesEmpadinhas, Nuno ; Costa, Milton S. da articleopenAccess
32007Mannosylglycerate is essential for osmotic adjustment in Thermus thermophilus strains HB27 and RQ-1Alarico, Susana ; Empadinhas, Nuno ; Mingote, Ana ; Simões, Catarina ; Santos, Maria ; Costa, Milton da articleopenAccess
413-Jan-2016Molecular and biochemical studies of a mycobacterial maltokinase and a unique octanoyltransferase: Towards reconstruction of the pathway for methylglucose lipopolysaccharides biosynthesisTiago, Ana Branco Maranha doctoralThesisopenAccess
52010A multifactorial approach to the biological role of the mycobacterial maltokinaseTiago, Ana Branco Maranha masterThesisopenAccess
62007Organic solutes in Rubrobacter xylanophilus : the first example of di- myo -inositol-phosphate in a thermophileEmpadinhas, Nuno ; Mendes, Vítor ; Simões, Catarina ; Santos, Maria ; Mingote, Ana ; Lamosa, Pedro ; Santos, Helena ; Costa, Milton articleopenAccess
72008To be or not to be a compatible solute: Bioversatility of mannosylglycerate and glucosylglycerateEmpadinhas, Nuno ; Costa, Milton S. da articleopenAccess