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Neto, João Magalhães
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12013Influence of benthic macroinvertebrates on the erodability of estuarine cohesive sediments: Density- and biomass-specific responsesKristensen, Erik ; Neto, João Magalhães ; Lundkvist, Morten ; Frederiksen, Lars ; Pardal, Miguel Ângelo ; Valdemarsen, Thomas ; Flindt, Mogens Rene articleopenAccess
22008Modelling nutrient mass balance in a temperate meso-tidal estuary: Implications for managementNeto, João Magalhães ; Flindt, Mogens René ; Marques, João Carlos ; Pardal, Miguel Ângelo articleopenAccess
327-Dec-2008Spatial distribution of subtidal Nematoda communities along the salinity gradient in southern European estuariesAdão, Helena ; Alves, Ana Sofia ; Patrício, Joana ; Neto, João Magalhães ; Costa, Maria José ; Marques, João Carlos articleopenAccess