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Polcar, Tomas
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12013Analysis of the tribological behaviour of W-Ti-N coatingsFigueiredo, José Miguel Fernandes masterThesisopenAccess
2Jul-2010Estudo do comportamento tribológico em ambientes biológicos de revestimentos DLC dopados com TiEscudeiro, Ana Isabel Costa masterThesisopenAccess
32007Friction of Self-Lubricating W-S-C Sputtered Coatings Sliding Under Increasing LoadPolcar, Tomas ; Evaristo, Manuel ; Cavaleiro, Albano articleopenAccess
430-Aug-2013Indentation and scratch testing of DLC-Zr coatings on ultrafine-grained titanium processed by high-pressure torsionWang, Chuan Ting ; Escudeiro, Ana ; Polcar, Tomas ; Cavaleiro, Albano ; Wood, Robert J. K. ; Gao, Nong ; Langdon, Terence G. articleopenAccess
5Jul-2011A influência do contra-corpo no comportamento tribológico em ambientes biológicos de filmes DLCRosado, Ana Miriam Pais masterThesisopenAccess
6Apr-2011Self-adaptive low friction coatings based on transition metal dichalcogenidesPolcar, Tomas ; Cavaleiro, Albano articleopenAccess
72008Tribological behaviour of C-alloyed transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD) coatings in different environmentsEvaristo, Manuel ; Polcar, Tomas ; Cavaleiro, Albano articleopenAccess
815-Oct-2013Ultra-low friction W–S–N solid lubricant coatingGustavsson, Fredrik ; Jacobson, Staffan ; Cavaleiro, Albano ; Polcar, Tomas articleopenAccess