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Moura, Susana D.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12008Continuity envelopes and sharp embeddings in spaces of generalized smoothnessHaroske, Dorothee D. ; Moura, Susana D. articleopenAccess
22004Continuity envelopes of spaces of generalised smoothness, entropy and approximation numbersHaroske, Dorothee D. ; Moura, Susana D. articleopenAccess
32006Growth envelopes of anisotropic function spacesMoura, Susana D. ; Neves, Júlio S. ; Piotrowski, Mariusz preprintopenAccess
42004Local growth envelopes of spaces of generalized smoothness: the subcriticalcaseCaetano, António M. ; Moura, Susana D. articleopenAccess
52006Non-smooth atomic decompositions of anisotropic function spaces and some applicationsMoura, Susana D. ; Piotrowska, Iwona ; Piotrowski, Mariusz preprintopenAccess
62007On some characterizations of Besov spaces of generalized smoothnessMoura, Susana D. articleopenAccess
7Nov-2014Spaces of generalized smoothness in the critical case: optimal embeddings, continuity envelopes and approximation numbersMoura, Susana D. ; Neves, Júlio S. ; Schneider, Cornelia articleopenAccess