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Antunes, F. V.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
11-Sep-2008Determination of Paris law constants with a reverse engineering techniqueBranco, R. ; Antunes, F. V. ; Martins Ferreira, J. A. ; Silva, J. M. articleopenAccess
2Dec-2013Effect of saline environment on mechanical properties of adhesive jointsPereira, A. M. ; Reis, P. N. B. ; Ferreira, J. A. M. ; Antunes, F. V. articleopenAccess
310-Dec-2008Fatigue crack growth in heat-treated aluminium alloysBorrego, L. P. ; Costa, J. M. ; Antunes, F. V. ; Ferreira, J. M. articleopenAccess
42002Fatigue life predictions in polymer particle compositesAntunes, F. V. ; Ferreira, J. M. ; Costa, J. D. ; Capela, C. articleopenAccess
52008Finite element modelling and analysis of crack shape evolution in mode-I fatigue Middle Cracked Tension specimensBranco, R. ; Antunes, F. V. articleopenAccess
630-Apr-2009Finite element simulation of plasticity induced crack closure with different material constitutive modelsRodrigues, D. M. ; Antunes, F. V. articleopenAccess
72007Flexural behaviour of hybrid laminated compositesReis, P. N. B. ; Ferreira, J. A. M. ; Antunes, F. V. ; Costa, J. D. M. articleopenAccess
82000Identification of fatigue crack propagation modes by means of roughness measurementsAntunes, F. V. ; Ramalho, A. ; Ferreira, J. M. articleopenAccess
92006Mixed-mode fatigue crack growth behaviour in aluminium alloyBorrego, L. P. ; Antunes, F. V. ; Costa, J. M. ; Ferreira, J. M. articleopenAccess
102008Numerical simulation of plasticity induced crack closure: Identification and discussion of parametersAntunes, F. V. ; Rodrigues, D. M. articleopenAccess
1115-Mar-2014Numerical study of contact forces for crack closure analysisAntunes, F. V. ; Chegini, A. G. ; Correia, L. ; Branco, R. articleopenAccess
1210-Sep-2013A parameter for quantitative analysis of plasticity induced crack closureAntunes, F. V. ; Correia, L. ; Ramalho, A. L. articleopenAccess
131999Stress intensity factor calculation based on the work of external forcesAntunes, F. V. ; Ferreira, J. M. ; Byrne, J. articleopenAccess
141-Sep-2008A study on the mechanical behaviour of WC/Co hardmetalsFerreira, J. A. M. ; Amaral, M. A. Pina ; Antunes, F. V. ; Costa, J. D. M. articleopenAccess