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Reis, R. P.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
11989Comparación de los rellenos terciarios en dos regiones del borde occidental del Macizo Hespérico (Portugal Central)Reis, R. P. ; Cunha, Pedro P. articleopenAccess
21994Controls on vertical changes of alluvial system character. The "grés belasianos" unit — Cretaceous of the Lusitanian Basin (Central Portugal)Dinis, J. ; Reis, R.P. ; Cunha, Pedro P. articleopenAccess
31992Excursion B - Mainly continental Miocene and Pliocene deposits from Lower Tagus and Mondego Tertiary basinsReis, R. P. ; Cunha, Pedro Proença ; Barbosa, B. P. ; Antunes, M. T. ; Pais, J. articleopenAccess
42000Geological evolution of the Lusitanian Basin (Portugal) during the Late JurassicReis, R. P. ; Cunha, Pedro P. ; Dinis, J. ; Trincão, P. R. articleopenAccess
51993Synthesis of the Piacenzian onshore record, between the Aveiro and Setúbal parallels (Western Portuguese margin)Cunha, Pedro Proença ; Barbosa, B. P. ; Reis, R. P. articleopenAccess