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Duarte, Luís
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12004The geological heritage of the Lower Jurassic of Central Portugal: selected sites, inventory and main scientific argumentsDuarte, Luís articleopenAccess
22004Lower to Middle Toarcian from the Coimbra region (Lusitanian Basin, Portugal): sequence stratigraphy, calcareous nannofossils and stable-isotope evolutionDuarte, Luís ; Perilli, Nicola ; Dino, Rodolfo ; Rodrigues, René ; Paredes, Ricardo articleopenAccess
31993The North-Lusitanian Subbasin (Portugal) from the Triassic to the Middle Jurassic: a model of an “aborted rift”Soares, António F. ; Rocha, Rogério B. ; Elmi, Serge ; Henriques, Maria Helena ; Mouterde, René ; Almeras, Yves ; Ruget, Christiane ; Marques, Júlio ; Duarte, Luis ; Carapito, Maria Cristina ; Kullberg, José Carlos articleopenAccess