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Laranjinha, João A. N.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
126-Sep-2008Diphenyl diselenide, a simple glutathione peroxidase mimetic, inhibits human LDL oxidation in vitroBem, Andreza Fabro de ; Farina, Marcelo ; Portella, Rafael de Lima ; Nogueira, Cristina Wayne ; Dinis, Teresa C. P. ; Laranjinha, João A. N. ; Almeida, Leonor M. ; Rocha, João Batista Teixeira articleopenAccess
22000Inhibition of human LDL lipid peroxidation by phenol-rich beverages and their impact on plasma total antioxidant capacity in humansSerafini, Mauro ; Laranjinha, João A. N. ; Almeida, Leonor M. ; Maiani, G. articleopenAccess
3Dec-1996Rapid isolation of low density lipoproteins in a concentrated fraction free from water-soluble plasma antioxidantsVieira, Otília V. ; Laranjinha, João A. ; Madeira, Vítor M. ; Almeida, Leonor M. articleopenAccess