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Neilson, Alison Laurie
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12017Blind Running: 25 Pictures Per PageNeilson, Alison Laurie ; Inocêncio, Andrea ; São Marcos, Rita ; Lacerda, Rodrigo ; Simões, Maria ; Andrade, Simone Longo de ; Cantú, Rigel Lazo ; Naoufal, Nayla ; Maksimovic, Maja ; Augusto, Margarida bookPartopenAccess
22016Civil participation between private and public spheres: the island sphere and fishing communities in the Azores archipelagoNeilson, Alison Laurie ; São Marcos, Rita articleopenAccess
32016In the Azores, looking for the regions of knowingNeilson, Alison Laurie ; Pato, Carlos de Bulhão ; Gabriel, Rosalina ; Arroz, Ana Moura ; Mendonça, Enésima ; Picanço, Ana articleopenAccess
42016Reflexive Research and Education for Sustainable Development with Coastal Fishing Communities in the Azores Islands: A Theatre for QuestionsNeilson, Alison Laurie ; Castro, Irina bookPartclosedAccess