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Silva, L. Simões da
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12001An analytical evaluation of the response of steel joints under bending and axial forceSilva, L. Simões da ; Coelho, A. M. Girão articleopenAccess
2Aug-2014Assessment of building operational energy at early stages of design – a monthly quasi-steady-state approachSantos, P. ; Martins, R. ; Gervásio, H. ; Silva, L. Simões da articleopenAccess
32001A component model for the behaviour of steel joints at elevated temperaturesSilva, L. Simões da ; Santiago, Aldina ; Vila Real, Paulo articleopenAccess
4Nov-2017Determinação experimental do coeficiente de transmissão térmica de uma parede com estrutura leve em aço enformado a frioMartins, C. ; Gonçalves, M. ; Santos, P. ; Costa, J.J ; Soares, N. ; Simões da Silva, L. conferenceObjectopenAccess
52001A ductility model for steel connectionsSilva, L. Simões da ; Coelho, Ana Girão articleopenAccess
62004The effect of residual stresses in the lateral-torsional buckling of steel I-beams at elevated temperatureVila Real, P. M. M. ; Cazeli, R. ; Silva, L. Simões da ; Santiago, A. ; Piloto, P. articleopenAccess
7Oct-2017Energy efficiency and thermal performance of lightweight steel-framed (LSF) construction: A reviewSoares, N. ; Santos, P. ; Gervásio, H. ; Costa, J.J. ; Simões da Silva, L. articleopenAccess
82000Equivalent post-buckling models for the flexural behaviour of steel connectionsSilva, L. Simões da ; Coelho, Ana Girão ; Lucena Neto, Eliseu articleopenAccess
92006Experimental behaviour of a steel structure under natural fireWald, F. ; Silva, L. Simões da ; Moore, D. B. ; Lennon, T. ; Chladná, M. ; Santiago, A. ; Benes, M. ; Borges, L. articleopenAccess
102001Experimental behaviour of end-plate beam-to-column composite joints under monotonical loadingSilva, L. Simões da ; Simões, Rui D. ; Cruz, Paulo J. S. articleopenAccess
112004Experimental evaluation of extended endplate beam-to-column joints subjected to bending and axial forceLima, L. R. O. de ; Silva, L. Simões da ; Vellasco, P. C. G. da S. ; Andrade, S. A. L. de articleopenAccess
122004Lateral-torsional buckling of unrestrained steel beams under fire conditions: improvement of EC3 proposalVila Real, P. M. M. ; Lopes, N. ; Silva, L. Simões da ; Franssen, J.-M. articleopenAccess
132010Modelling connections of moment resisting steel frames for seismic analysisMota, L. ; Silva, A. T. da ; Rebelo, C. ; Silva, L. Simões da ; Lima, L. de conferenceObjectopenAccess
142002Post-limit stiffness and ductility of end-plate beam-to-column steel jointsSilva, L. Simões da ; Santiago, Aldina ; Vila Real, Paulo articleopenAccess
152004Reliability assessment of the post-limit stiffness and ductility of steel jointsGervásio, Helena ; Silva, L. Simões da ; Borges, L. articleopenAccess
162003Towards a consistant safety format of steel beam-columns: application of the new interaction formulae at ambient tempaerature to elevated temperaturesVila Real, P. ; Lopes, N. ; Silva, L. Simões da ; Franssen, J.-M. articleopenAccess
172008Towards a consistent design approach for steel joints under generalized loadingSilva, L. Simões da articleopenAccess
182004A unified energy formulation for the stability analysis of open and closed thin-walled members in the framework of the generalized beam theorySimão, P. ; Silva, L. Simões da articleopenAccess