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15-Oct-2019O acesso à informação nos arquivos pessoais: o caso do arquivo de Marie-Louise BastinCosta, Anabela; Gomes, Liliana Isabel Esteves; Santos, Ana Luisa articleopenAccess
22006Anatomy of a serial killer: Differential diagnosis of tuberculosis based on rib lesions of adult individuals from the Coimbra identified skeletal collection, PortugalSantos, Ana Luísa ; Roberts, Charlotte Ann articleopenAccess
320-Mar-2015Archives and Skeletons: an interdisciplinary approach to the study of paleopathology of tuberculosisSantos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
42013Better a Broader Diagnosis Than a Misdiagnosis: The Study of a Neoplastic Condition in a Male Individual who Died in Early 20th Century (Coimbra, Portugal)Marques, Carina ; Santos, Ana Luísa ; Cunha, Eugénia articleopenAccess
52012Beyond the cause of death: other pathological conditions in a female individual from the Coimbra Identified Skeletal Collection (Portugal)Umbelino, Cláudia ; Santos, Ana Luísa ; Assis, Sandra articleopenAccess
62009Body modification and paleopathological evidence in the iconography from the ‘Philosophical Travel’ to Brazilian Amazonia by Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira (1783 – 1792)Martins, Maria do Rosário ; Santos, Ana Luísa ; Miranda, Maria Arminda ; Matos, Vítor articleopenAccess
72015Bone Diagenesis and its Implication for Disease Diagnosis: The Relevance of Bone Microstructure Analysis for the Study of Past Human RemainsAssis, Sandra ; Keenleyside, Anne ; Santos, Ana Luísa ; Cardoso, Francisca Alves articleopenAccess
81-Jun-1995Certezas e incertezas sobre a idade à morteSantos, Ana Luisa articleopenAccess
92012Comparison of the entheseal changes of the os coxae of Portuguese males (19th-20th centuries) with known occupationCampanacho, Vanessa ; Santos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
109-Dec-2019Contribution of paleopathology to the knowledge of the origin and spread of tuberculosis: evidence from PortugalSantos, Ana Luisa ; Matos, Vitor M. J.articleopenAccess
111-Jun-1995Death, sex and nutritionanalysis of the cause of death in the Coimbra human skeleton collection.Santos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
12Jun-2017Differentiating between rhinosinusitis and mastoiditis surgery from postmortem medical training: A study of two identified skulls and hospital records from early 20th century Coimbra, PortugalMagalhães, Bruno M. ; Lopes, Célia ; Santos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
132012Donald Ortner (1938-2012)Santos, Ana Luísa ; Matos, Vítor ; Marques, Carina articleopenAccess
142016Evidence of contact between New and Old World: paleoparasitological and food remains study in the Tagus river population of Sarilhos Grandes (Montijo, Portugal)Sianto, Luciana ; Chaves, Sérgio Augusto de Miranda ; Teixeira-Santos, Isabel ; Pereira, Paula Alves ; Godinho, Ricardo Miguel ; Gonçalves, David ; Santos, Ana Luísa articleembargoedAccess
15Jan-2019Exostosis auditiva externa en individuos adultos del Holoceno Tardío (1500 AP - siglo xix) en Patagonia. AustralPandiani, Cynthia D. ; Suby, Jorge A. ; Santos, Ana Luisa articleopenAccess
1614-Jan-2016Ficha antropológica a utilizar na escavaçãoSantos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
172-Nov-2014La danza de los esqueletos: la enseñanza de la bioarqueología a los niños y al público en generalAssis, Sandra ; Santos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
182013Leprogenic odontodysplasia: new evidence from the St. Jørgen’s medieval leprosarium cemetery (Odense, Denmark)Matos, Vítor M.J. ; Santos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
192013Leprogenic odontodysplasia: new evidence from the St. Jørgen’s medieval leprosarium cemetery (Odense, Denmark)Matos, Vítor M. J. ; Santos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
201-Dec-2014Manual resumido para recolha de amostras para estudos paleoparasitológicos e de paleodietaSianto, Luciana ; Santos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
211-Nov-2014Minería en Aljustrel (Portugal): salud, enfermedad y actividades en los habitantes del pasadoSerrano, Liliana ; Santos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
222004Modern cases old diseases: anthropological study of three male skeletons from MozambiqueSantos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
23Jul-2009Mycocerosic acid biomarkers for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in the Coimbra Skeletal CollectionRedman, Janet E. ; Shaw, Matthew J. ; Mallet, Anthony I. ; Santos, Ana Luísa ; Roberts, Charlotte A. ; Gernaey, Angela M. ; Minnikin, David E. articleopenAccess
244-Jul-2017New method for sex prediction using the human non-adult auricular surface of the ilium in the Collection of Identified Skeletons of the University of CoimbraLuna, Leandro ; Aranda, Claudia ; Santos, Ana Luísa articleembargoedAccess
25Dec-2017A novel approach: combining dental enamel hypoplasia and paleoparasitological analysis in medieval Islamic individuals buried in Santarém (Portugal)Cunha, Daniela ; Santos, Ana Luísa ; Matias, António ; Sianto, Luciana articleopenAccess
262006On the trail of pulmonary tuberculosis based on rib lesions: Results from the human identified skeletal collection from the Museu Bocage (Lisbon, Portugal)Matos, Vítor ; Santos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
272000Os caminhos da paleopatologia: passado e desafiosSantos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
28Dec-2007Os militares da Reconquista Cristã. Dados antropológicos sobre o passado Medieval e muçulmano de ÉvoraSantos, Ana Luísa ; Umbelino, Cláudia articleopenAccess
292007Paleodemografia e patologia oral na população exumada da Igreja de Santiago Maior de MonsarazPeralta, Patrícia ; Santos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
30Jul-2016Paleohistology and the study of human remains: past, present and future approachesAssis, Sandra ; Santos, Ana Luísa ; Keenleyside, Anne articleopenAccess
319-Sep-2019A particular heritage: The importance of identified osteological collectionsSantos, Ana Luisa articleopenAccess
322002Pathological evidence in the Pre-Columbian human remains from the Lee Collection (Jamaica)Santos, Ana Luísa ; Allsworth-Jones, Philip ; Rodriques, Esther articleopenAccess
332001A picture of tuberculosis in young Portuguese people in the early 20th century: A multidisciplinary study of the skeletal and historical evidenceSantos, Ana Luísa ; Roberts, Charlotte A. articleopenAccess
341-Nov-2015Probable prostate cancer in a pre-incaic individual from Pukara de la Cueva, Northwestern ArgentinaLuna, Leandro ; Aranda, Claudia ; Santos, Ana Luísa ; Ramundo, Paola ; Rizzuti, Claudio ; Stagno, Diego articleopenAccess
35Dec-2017Recensão: Planeta SIDA: diversidade, políticas e respostas sociaisSantos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
362017Sample-specific odontometric sex estimation: a method with potential application to burned remainsGouveia, Márcia ; Oliveira-Santos, Inês ; Santos, Ana Luísa ; Gonçalves, David articleembargoedAccess
37Aug-2016Sampling guidelines for paleoparasitological and paleodietary studiesSianto, Luciana ; Santos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
382012Skeletal and Surgical Evidence for Acute Osteomyelitis in Non-Adult IndividualsSantos, Ana Luísa ; Suby, Jorge Alejandro articleopenAccess
39Dec-2010Syphilis and cirrhosis: a lethal combination in a XIX century individual identified from the Medical Schools Collection at the University of Coimbra (Portugal)Lopes, Célia ; Powell, Mary Lucas ; Santos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
402011The Coimbra Workshop in Musculoskeletal Stress Markers (MSM): an annotated reviewSantos, Ana Luísa ; Alves-Cardoso, Francisca ; Assis, Sandra ; Villotte, Sébastien articleopenAccess
412011The Coimbra Workshop in Musculoskeletal Stress Markers (MSM): an annotated reviewSantos, Ana Luísa ; Alves-Cardoso, Francisca ; Assis, Sandra ; Villotte, Sébastien articleopenAccess
421-Nov-2015The unburied prisoners from the jail of the Inquisition of Évora, PortugalMagalhães, Bruno M. ; Matos Fernandes, Teresa ; Santos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
43Aug-2016Tons de fogo: estudo experimental sobre alterações térmico-induzidas em dentes humanos soltosGouveia, Márcia ; Oliveira-Santos, Inês ; Santos, Ana Luísa ; Gonçalves, David articleopenAccess
44Feb-2015Trends in mortality from pulmonary tuberculosis before and after antibiotics in the Portuguese sanatorium Carlos Vasconcelos Porto (1918-1991): archival evidence and its paleopathological relevanceMatos, Vítor M. J. ; Santos, Ana Luísa articleopenAccess
451-Jun-2013Treponematosis in Pre-Columbian Jamaica: a biocultural approach to the human cranium found in Bull SavannahSantos, Ana Luísa ; Gardner, Michael ; Allsworth-Jones, Philip articleopenAccess
46Nov-2012Tuberculosis en retrospectiva: revisión de los conocimientos actuales y su aplicación en el estudio de restos humanosSantos, Ana Luísa ; Suby, Jorge Alejandro articleopenAccess
475-Jun-2019Un patrimonio particular: la importancia de las colecciones osteológicas identificadasSantos, Ana Luisa articleopenAccess