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Ramos, Fernando
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Ramos, Fernando
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
11999Agonistas adrenérgicos β2 e saúde pública: contribuição analítica.Ramos, Fernando Jorge dos doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
22021Bioactive Edible Films and Coatings Based in Gums and Starch: Phenolic Enrichment and Foods ApplicationPedreiro, Sónia Raquel Jorge ; Figueirinha, Artur ; Silva, Ana Sanches ; Ramos, Fernando articleopenAccess
311-Feb-2009Clenbuterol Storage Stability in the Bovine Urine and Liver Samples Used for European Official Control in the Azores Islands (Portugal)Pinheiro, Isabel ; Jesuíno, Bruno ; Barbosa, Jorge ; Ferreira, Humberto ; Ramos, Fernando ; Matos, José ; Silveira, Maria Irene Noronha da articleopenAccess
42003Control of the illegal use of clenbuterol in bovine productionCristino, Assunção ; Ramos, Fernando ; Silveira, Maria Irene Noronha da articleopenAccess
52007Determination of nitrofurans in animal feeds by liquid chromatography-UV photodiode array detection and liquid chromatography-ionspray tandem mass spectrometryBarbosa, Jorge ; Moura, Sara ; Barbosa, Rita ; Ramos, Fernando ; Silveira, Maria Irene Noronha da articleopenAccess
62007Determination of the furaltadone metabolite 5-methylmorpholino-3-amino-2-oxazolidinone (AMOZ) using liquid chromatography coupled to electrospray tandem mass spectrometry during the nitrofuran crisis in PortugalBarbosa, Jorge ; Ferreira, Maria ; Ramos, Fernando ; Silveira, Maria Irene Noronha da articleopenAccess
7Nov-2013Development and validation of a multi-residue and multiclass ultra-high-pressure liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry screening of antibiotics in milkFreitas, Andreia ; Barbosa, Jorge ; Ramos, Fernando articleopenAccess
817-Oct-2013Development, optimization and application of an analytical methodology by ultra performance liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry for determination of amanitins in urine and liver samplesLeite, Marta ; Freitas, Andreia ; Azul, Anabela Marisa ; Barbosa, Jorge ; Costa, Saul ; Ramos, Fernando articleopenAccess
91999Diphasic dialysis extraction technique for clenbuterol determination in bovine retina by gas chromatography-mass spectrometryRamos, F. ; Matos, A. ; Oliveira, A. ; Silveira, M. I. Noronha da articleopenAccess
102014Distribution of PCDD/Fs and dioxin-like PCBs in sediment and plants from a contaminated salt marsh (Tejo estuary, Portugal)Nunes, Margarida ; Vernisseau, Anaïs ; Marchand, Philippe ; Le Bizec, Bruno ; Ramos, Fernando ; Pardal, M. A. articleopenAccess
1116-Apr-2022Efficacy of Whey Protein Film Incorporated with Portuguese Green Tea (Camellia sinensis L.) Extract for the Preservation of Latin-Style Fresh CheeseRobalo, João ; Lopes, Maria ; Cardoso, O. M. ; Silva, Ana Sanches ; Ramos, Fernando articleopenAccess
122021Food Safety, Security, Sustainability and Nutrition as Priority Objectives of the Food SectorRaposo, António; Ramos, Fernando ; Raheem, Dele; Saraiva, Ariana; Carrascosa, ConradoarticleopenAccess
132019From laboratory to the field: Validating molecular markers of effect in Folsomia candida exposed to a fungicide-based formulationSimões, Tiago ; Novais, Sara C; Luz, Tiago Natal da ; Renaud, Mathieu ; Leston, Sara ; Ramos, Fernando ; Römbke, Jörg ; Roelofs, Dick; van Straalen, Nico M; Sousa, José P. ; Lemos, Marco Filipe Loureiro articleopenAccess
142003Intoxicação Por Agonista Beta AdrenérgicoCarrola, Paulo ; Devesa, Nuno ; Silva, José Manuel ; Ramos, Fernando ; Alexandrino, Mário B. ; Moura, José J. articleopenAccess
15Sep-2014Multi-residue and multi-class method for the determination of antibiotics in bovine muscle by ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometryFreitas, Andreia ; Barbosa, Jorge ; Ramos, Fernando articleopenAccess
16Nov-2014Multidetection of antibiotics in liver tissue by Ultra-High-Pressure-Liquid-Chromatography tandem Mass SpectrometryFreitas, Andreia ; Barbosa, Jorge ; Ramos, Fernando articleopenAccess
172008Production of “in house” reference materials for ELISA screening of bovine urine and liver samples for clenbuterolPinheiro, Isabel ; Jesuíno, Bruno ; Barbosa, Jorge ; Ramos, Fernando ; Matos, José ; Silveira, Maria Irene Noronha da articleopenAccess
182004Proposed guidelines for clenbuterol food poisoningRamos, Fernando ; Silveira, Irene ; Silva, José M. ; Barbosa, Jorge ; Cruz, Clara ; Martins, José ; Neves, Celeste ; Alves, Carlos articleopenAccess
192014The influence of sulfathiazole on the macroalgae Ulva lactucaLeston, Sara ; Nunes, Margarida ; Viegas, Ivan ; Nebot, Carolina ; Cepeda, Alberto ; Pardal, M. A. ; Ramos, Fernando articleopenAccess
202022The Prevalence of Polypharmacy and Potentially Inappropriate Medications and Its Relationship with Cognitive Status in Portuguese Institutionalized Older Adults: A Cross-Sectional StudyCaçador, Catarina ; Teixeira-Lemos, Edite ; Oliveira, Jorge; Pinheiro, João ; Teixeira-Lemos, Luís; Ramos, Fernando articleopenAccess
212-Jul-2021The Role of Food Supplementation in Microcirculation-A Comprehensive ReviewRaposo, António; Saraiva, Ariana ; Ramos, Fernando ; Carrascosa, Conrado; Raheem, Dele; Bárbara, Rita; Silva, HenriquearticleopenAccess