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UIDB / 04029/2020


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12023Design of pin connections between steel membersConde, Jorge ; Silva, Luís S. da ; Tankova, Trayana ; Simões, Rui A. ; Abecasis, Tiago articleopenAccess
22023Experimental characterization of the nonlinear thermomechanical behaviour of refractory masonry with dry jointsAli, Mahmoud; Oliveira, Rafael L. G. ; Pereira, João ; Rodrigues, João P. G. L. M. ; Lourenço, Paulo B.; Ulrich Marschall, Hans; Sayet, Thomas; Gasser, Alain; Blond, EricarticleopenAccess
32021Normal incidence sound insulation provided by Sonic Crystal Acoustic Screens made from rigid scatterers – assessment of different simulation methodsPeiró-Torres, M. P.; Ferri, M.; Godinho, Luís M. ; Amado-Mendes, Paulo ; Jose Vea Folch, Francisco; Redondo, JavierarticleopenAccess
42023Proposal of a simplified methodology for reverberation time prediction in standard medium size rooms with non-uniformly distributed sound absorptionMateus, Diogo ; Pereira, Andreia articleopenAccess
52024Welded beam-to-column steel joints: Assessment of European design rulesConde, Jorge ; Freire, Fernando; Ljubinkovic, Filip ; Vild, Martin; Silva, Luís Simões da articleopenAccess