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FCT - UIDB/04469/2020


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1Aug-2022Biodegradable nanoparticles for the treatment of epilepsy: From current advances to future challengesBonilla, Lorena; Esteruelas, Gerard; Ettcheto, Miren; Espina, Marta; García, María Luisa; Camins, Antoni; Souto, Eliana B. ; Cano, Amanda ; Sánchez-López, ElenaarticleopenAccess
22022Flexible sensing devices integrating molecularly-imprinted polymers for the detection of 3-nitrotyrosine biomarkerMartins, G. V. ; Riveiro, A.; Chiussi, S.; Sales, M. G. F. articleopenAccess
32021Surface Functionalization of PLGA Nanoparticles to Increase Transport across the BBB for Alzheimer’s DiseaseDel Amo, Laura; Cano, Amanda ; Ettcheto, Miren; Souto, Eliana B. ; Espina, Marta; Camins, Antoni; García, Maria Luísa; Sánchez-López, ElenaarticleopenAccess